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In the cell suite we present things we do without consideration. Things we were somehow drawn to. Things that are in no way connected to reasoning or logical methods. Things we do just because it feels good!

The artificial lights have been dimmed...step inside and have a look around.

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In the photo section youŽll find photos from travels, visits, and various events. Click on thumbnails to view.

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In the arts section youŽll find various simple arts including paintings and jewellery.  
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In the media section youŽll find video and music. If you feel like listening while surfing in other sections you can launch the player.  

All media on this website is copyrighted © material and all rights are reserved.

New photos  
Dublin without Irish students   19 photos  
Life Units   26 photos  
New arts  
Earrings   110 photos  
Painting - 'Vækst'   1 photo  
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Katarina & Anders

New media  
My Happy Day   video clip  
Running time: 4:35